Tips On Scheduling Your Workout

Should You Workout If You Do Not Get Any Sleep The Previous Night?

I heard some people ask each other, should I workout if I didn’t get any sleep last night? The answer is no.  You should not workout if you did not get any sleep the previous night. Want to know why?  You are more likely at risk hurting yourself during your workout.

  1. You could drop heavy weights on your foot
  2. You could fall off the treadmill, elliptical or a bike
  3. You may not have proper form while lifting which could lead you tearing something in your body

So if you do not get enough sleep the previous night, think twice before you go to the gym or else you could end up getting hurt from your exercise.

Have you ever gone to the gym without sleep?  Was it a fun experience?  Let me know if you have tried this before.


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