Fitness Tracker

My favorite Fitness Tracker

I have tried many fitness trackers before.  I tried Fitbit and Garmin.  I like Fitbit until my Fitbit never held a charge again.  I found a replacement for my beloved Fitbit.  I went with the Garmin Vivofit.  It was my favorite Fitness Tracker until I saw that Garmin was coming out with a Vivofit 2nd.  You probably can guess what happened with the Vivofit 2nd.  The 3rd one came out.

I still have the 3rd one today.  I have found Garmin to be very good.  The 3rd Vivofit is very accurate in my opinion.  It actually sync automatically.  The Vivofit 3 also has a built-in sleep tracker.  You don’t have to set-up anything for the sleep tracker.  It just tracks your sleep when you go to bed.  However, I have to admit the Garmin Connect app needs to be polished up quite a bit.

Here are the features of the Garmin Vivofit 3:

  • Features 1+ year battery life
  • Shows steps, calories, distance, intensity minutes³ and time of day on backlit display; monitors sleep¹
  • Auto activity detection classifies activity type on Garmin Connect
  • Reminds you to stay active with move bar and audible alert
  • Automatically syncs to Garmin Connect to save, plan and share progress
  • It also tells time and time to move
  • Shows the Date
  • 24/7 wearable

Do you use a fitness tracker, if so which one do you use? If you do not use a fitness tracker, why are you not using one?


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