How To Pick The Right Weight For Beginer Weight Lifters?

I have a rule of thumb when it comes to lifting weights.  You do not want to pick a weight that is super light that you can easily go straight up and down with with no strain.  You also do not want use the heaviest weight in the gym to hurt yourself.  So how do you pick the right weight?

Well for starters I suggest to find a weight that gives you a little bit of strain.  My go to weight for a little bit of strain is 25 pounds, depending on the excercise.  If I can knock out a set of 10 without much strain I will increase the weight.  If I can only do 6 or 8 I will decrease my weight so I can do a full set.  It takes time for me to bump up weights because I have some health issues I need to worry about.  Lastly if the next weight that I want to go to is to heavy and I can’t pick it up, I stay at the same weight till I can pick up the next size up.

How do you determine the right weights for you?  Please feel free to share your thoughts.


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