How Working Out Impacted My Life

How Working Out Impacted My Life

I have been asked by many people how working out impacted my life?  Well working out has helped me become more confident.  You might be wondering how working out made me more confident?  Well first off working out makes me feel good about my body. Another way working out has made me more confident is being able to ask another person in the gym if I can work in with them or if they are almost done with the equipment that I want to use.  Some body builders look intimidating because they have muscles bigger than your own head.  Well I have asked quite a few of them to work in from time to time.  Turns out most of them let you.  Many of them are nice even though they have huge muscles!!  Working out also gave me the confidence to stand up to bullies in high school.  I been bullied when I was in high school.  I not sure why, but it annoyed me quite a bit.  One day during math class the bullies happen to be picking on my friend who happens to be in a wheel chair.  I stood up in class and I went over to them and told them off! It felt good.

Working out also helps me to be in a better mood.  I use to be in a really bad frame of mind when I was younger.  But when I started working out, I  noticed after the workout that I am too tired to be in a bad mood.  I also noticed when I didn’t get to go to the gym because my dad didn’t feel like going after a long day of work, I got very frustrated.  So I got my license so I can go whenever I want.

How does working out help you?  How did it impact your life?  Please share your stories in the comments below!!


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