Tips for a Good Night Sleep

The Best Way To Fall Asleep

Have you heard of essential oils?  If not you gotta check them out!!  I use them every single night when I go to bed.  If it wasn’t for these oils I would not be able to get a great night sleep.  Well I should say it would be harder to get a great night sleep.  That sounds better, don’t you think?  Anyway they put me right to sleep!!  Even if I go to bed late I still use my diffuser because I know I would be in big trouble if I come down stairs in the morning in a grumpy mood,  my mom would yell at me.   Here is the link to learn more about essential oils.  Young Living Essential Oils  Some of them are expensive but you do not need to buy the super expensive ones for them to work.  My favorite blend to use in my diffuser is Cedarwood and Lavendar.  Anyway Check them out and let me know what you think.

Do you know some one who uses essential oils?  Do you think they are nuts because they use them?  What helps you sleep at night?


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