Best Ways To Kick Soda To The Curb

Best Ways To Kick Soda To The Curb

I use to be addicted to soda.  I had soda three times or more per day everyday when I was younger.  It made me gain weight and it also made me extremely hyper.  So I cut back on drinking sugary soda and went with diet soda.  Even worse for your health.  My parents started to be concern with how much soda I was drinking in a day.  I use to drink Coke, Root Beer, Sprite, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew.  Just to name a few.  So my parents try to find ways on how to scare me to stop drinking soda.  They found one article about how Coke is used to take off rust from cars and clean toilets.  Here is the link to the article.  How does Coca Cola effect your body?  I couldn’t find the article that Coke can be used as a home cleaner, but I think that article will get my point across.

However, even when my parents made me read the article I was trying to find for you.  I still thought soda was great.  So eventually my parents gave up in trying to get me to quit drinking huge amount of soda.  When I started trying to lose weight I started to try to find a way to quit drinking soda.  I try using Mio Liquid water enhancers, turns out that is bad for your body too.  So I tried lemon in my water and that worked for a while, until my mom wasn’t going to the grocery store enough to get more lemons.  So eventually what I did to kick my soda habit, I decided to buy a water bottle.  I don’t mean any kind of water bottle.  I mean an insulated water bottle that keeps water cold up to 24 hours.  I never liked room temperature water.  But after drinking just plain water without any lemon or limes in it, I got use to drinking water with every meal.  Even though the lemon and lime didn’t work for me try drinking water with lemon or a lime to help kick your soda habit.

I eventually worked my way off soda.  It took me quite a bit of time to get myself away from soda.  I couldn’t tell you on how long its been since I had my last soda.  What I do remember I had my last soda at Wendy’s.  I had a diet coke with my meal.  When I took a sip from it, I felt like I wanted to gag.  I was so used to drinking water that I did not like the taste of soda anymore.  I knew I was finally free from my caffeine addiction!!

So if you want to quit drinking soda the first step to quitting is knowing that you have a caffeine problem.  The second step is to get rid of all of your soda in your house just flush it down the toilet or sink.  If you like you could always make it into a cleaning product for your house.  For the third step is fill up a pitcher of water and stick it into your refrigerator.  If you are anything like me you do not somewhat cold tap water.  I like my water very cold.  For the fourth step try using the lemon or lime idea that I stated above. Lastly, get an insulated water bottle so your water stays cold for a long time.

If those steps do not help you in any way what so ever.  Then it is time to send out the big guns.  Ask your dentist about teeth whitening.  It cost about $500, but it was well worth it for me.  I use to drink so much soda and eat so much chocolate that my teeth was yellow. Every picture taken of me when I was younger my teeth were yellow.  Now that I have my teeth whitened by my dentist I stay away from anything that will stain my teeth.   Who wants to screw up $500 worth of teeth work?  It’s a reminder for me to stay away from soda.

If you have any creative ideas about how to stop drinking soda, please feel free to share your ideas.  Do you know someone who is addicted to caffeine?  If so please share this post with them.  I hope everyone will find this post helpful.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


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