The Biggest Problem In Being Fit

The Biggest Problem In Being Fit

I don’t know if you ever had this problem.  I cannot go clothes shopping in stores because no one has my size.  Its a shame really.  All of the stores carry size 30 – 60 and greater. Hello clothing companies not everyone in America is overweight!  I am not trying to make anyone feel bad from this post.  For those who are trying to lose weight keep up the good work.  I just saying the Biggest problem in being in shape is not finding your Size

I have tried finding cloths online today and no one has my size.  Even Wal-Mart!! Does anyone know where I can find all clothing size?  At times like these I wish Amazon would rule the world in retail stores.  I wish there was an Amazon store on every corner.  That way you can always find what you are looking for.  Amazon if you reading this right now feel free to take this idea.

Retail stores should just have a section in the back of the store for people who are in shape.  It can’t hurt their business right?  Wouldn’t you think that it would actually help their business by attracting more customers?  Anyway I don’t know how retail works.  I do not know how the companies decide which sizes they should carry in stock.  What I do know it’s not right to only have big sizes in stores.

Lets just say in the future that all people in America will lose all their extra body weight. What will stores do now that they do not have any cloths for all of the fit people in the world?  I know you are probably thinking it will never happen.  However, store owners should keep that in mind.  I only found one pair of shorts on Wal-Mart’s website that I ordered for myself.  I need one more pair of shorts and I can’t find any more shorts my size.

Again this be the perfect time for Amazon to branch out their stores all over the USA.  I would find everything that I like.  Amazon stores would be like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  It would be stocked with everything you could possibly imagine.  I would probably like shopping more often if I found more stuff that fit me.  I went to this J.Crew Mercantile store near me.  As I was driving up to the store I was thinking “they could possibly have my size.”  However, something always have to prove me wrong.  I struck out.

Have you ever experienced this before?  It is so frustrating that I cannot seem to find anything in my size.  No wonder why I hate shopping.  I love it when I see people always saying in commercials talking about how shopping is a blast.  Not for me.  I bet if those people in those commercials had to shop for me in my size, they would not like shopping anymore.  I would be like how do you like shopping now?!  Not so fun is it?!

But do not get discouraged in losing weight because of this post of mine.  The worst case scenario is go shopping on Amazon’s website.  Like I said before it is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  One stop shop for everything.  I think Amazon should use that as their motto.  Pretty good right?  Anyway Keep working out.  If you have any suggestions on where I can find clothes in my size please post them in the comments below.  I would be truly grateful.  If you also have any crazy stories about you trying to find clothes that fit you too, please feel free to share them.


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