How Can You Really Tell That The Food You Are Eating Is Healthy For You?

How Can You Really Tell That The Food You Are Eating Is Healthy For You?

Hey everyone!  Sorry that I did not get around to posting yesterday.  I had to take care of some security stuff for my devices.  My security software I had on my phone, tablet and laptop I couldn’t use anymore because the government issued it a threat.  Not to worry I got rid of it.  Anyway I have been giving it quite a bit of thought about how to certainly tell that certain food items are healthy to eat.

So let’s begin looking at food packages and commercials.  You know those commercials that they tell you that certain products are “heart healthy,” “great source of fiber and may reduce your risk of high cholesterol?  Does any of those ring a bell?  Well if not you may want to pay attention to those words next time you are in the store.  Food companies use those words for advertising purposes.  Some of those products cater to the elderly to trick them to buy their products so they can live a long life.  However, the type of foods that use these words are not really healthy.

Lets say you are at a store and you are buying some cheese.  The package stated that it can reduce heart disease and you decide to buy it.  Before you leave the isle where the cheese in you decided to take a look at the food label.  Under ingrediets it said may contain milk, cow hide, part of utter, heart and brain.  Put that cheese back.  How does that reduce heart disease?  If you find any wrong stuff in the food like a bat wing, metal chunk, rat tail, ect.  Call up the company right away to get your money back.

On the FDA website has a huge list of words that food companies use to trick you into buying their food.  How to Read the Food Label.  Since I just finished taking Basic Nutrition class in college, I have been so scared to know what is in my food.  I know for sure I do not want to eat a bat wing or anything else that is not ediable.  Also I suggest keeping your eye on your salmon to because some poeple have found tape worms in their salmon.  If you do not know what a tape worm is have a view for yourself.

Before I show you a video of a tape worm.  I would like to tell you that this video is gross and unsettling.  If you have children reading this post with you please shield their eyes or have them go into another room because they do not want to see this.  I know for a fact that I did not want to see what a tape worm is when I was in class.  I am surprised that I can still eat salmon after it.  Video of tape worm.

Some food companies like to use the word “other.”  They use other because companies do not have to list all of their ingrediets, which makes it even more unsettling and creepy to know what you are eating.  FDA food label guide.  So stay away from products that use the word “other.”

Have you also notice on some food labels under ingredients that have those dyes, and other additives you do not want to read?  Here are some of those examples.

  • BHA: Found in Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles.  If your kids like these cereals try to get them to eat something more healthy than these two.  For an example like Puffed Rice or Special K.  This preservative is used to prevent rancidity in foods that contain oils. Unfortunately, BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) has been shown to cause cancer in rats, mice, and hamsters. The reason the FDA hasn’t banned it is largely technical—the cancers all occurred in the rodents’ forestomachs, an organ that humans don’t have. Nevertheless, the study, published in the Japanese Journal of Cancer Research, concluded that BHA was “reasonably anticipated to be a carcinogen,” I would eliminate this from your diet.
  • PARABENS: Found In Baskin-Robbins sundaes.  For those who likes Baskin-Robbins sundaes sorry to spoil it for you.  Just letting you know what you are eating.  These synthetic preservatives are used to inhibit mold and yeast in food. The problem is parabens may also disrupt your body’s hormonal balance. A study in Food Chemical Toxicology found that daily ingestion decreased sperm and testosterone production in rats, and parabens have been found present in breast cancer tissues.
    HYDROGENATED OIL:  Found in Long John Silver’s Popcorn Shrimp, Celeste frozen pizzas.  Time to stop eating at Long John Silver’s.  I know they serve fish, however all of their fish is deep fried in oil which ruins the benefits of eating fish.  Instead of eating fish you are just eating oil covered fish. The FDA allows products to claim zero grams of trans fat as long as they have less than half a gram per serving. That means they can have 0.49 grams per serving and still be labeled a no-trans-fat food. Considering that two grams is the absolute most you ought to consume in a day, those fractions can quickly add up. The telltale sign that your snack is soiled with the stuff? Look for partially hydrogenated oil on the ingredient statement. If it’s anywhere on there, then you’re ingesting artery-clogging trans fat.
    NITRITE: Found in Oscar Mayer hot dogs, Hormel bacon.  Sorry hot dog lovers.  Hot dogs are not good for you either.  If you happen to find a hot dog that is good for you please let me know.  Until then no hot dogs for anyone.  Nitrites and nitrates are used to inhibit botulism-causing bacteria and to maintain processed meats’ pink hues, which is why the FDA allows their use. Unfortunately, once ingested, nitrite can fuse with amino acids (of which meat is a prime source) to form nitrosamines, powerful carcinogenic compounds. Ascorbic and erythorbic acids—essentially vitamin C—have been shown to decrease the risk, and most manufacturers now add one or both to their products, which has helped. Still, the best way to reduce risk is to limit your intake.
    COLORING: I hope this one is quite obvious to everyone.  This is found in all of these sodas including Coke/Diet Coke, Pepsi/Diet Pepsi.  This causes huge health problems like staining of teeth.  Here are some reasons why you should stop drinking soda.  Reasons for stop drinking soda.  A Center for Science in the Public Interest report asserted that the high levels of caramel color found in soda account for roughly 15,000 cancers in the U.S. annually.
  • CASTOREUM: Found in potentially any food containing “natural ingredients.”  Hey look another word to stay away from.  Any food product that has the word “natural ingredients stay away from.  There is nothing natural about that food.  It is misleading and it’s another way to trick you to buying their product.   It is a substance made from beaver’s’ castor sacs, or anal scent glands.  What a lovely ingredient.
  • FOOD
    DYES: Found in Lucky Charms, Skittles, Jello.  So I guess this means Lucky Charms are not lucky after all?  Bummer.  Keep your kids away from lucky charms to.  I use to eat lucky charms when I was younger.  They were so good and tasty.  I didn’t know what was in them until this Nutrition class in college.  I knew skittles were dyed and so was jello.  I never knew those marshmallows were dyed.  I guess it is true that you learn something new everyday.  A Journal of Pediatrics study linked Yellow 5 to hyperactivity in children, Canadian researchers found Yellow 6 and Red 40 to be contaminated with known carcinogens, and Red 3 is known to cause tumors. The bottom line? Avoid artificial dyes as much as possible.
    VEGETABLE PROTEIN: found in Knorr Noodle Sides, Funyuns.  I never heard of these brands, but they are not healthy either.  Hydrolyzed vegetable protein, used as a flavor enhancer, is plant protein that has been chemically broken down into amino acids. One of these acids, glutamic acid, can release free glutamate. When this glutamate joins with free sodium in your body, they form monosodium glutamate (MSG), an additive known to cause adverse reactions—headaches, nausea, and weakness, among others—in sensitive individuals. When MSG is added to products directly, the FDA requires manufacturers to disclose its inclusion on the ingredient statement. But when it occurs as a byproduct of hydrolyzed protein, the FDA allows it to go unrecognized.  Hey FDA why do you let this go unrecognized?  I guess the FDA doesn’t care about people to have this go unrecognized

So let’s recap shall we?  Foods containing BHA, PARABENS, PARTIALLY
DYES and HYDROLYZED VEGETABLE PROTEIN you should stay away from.  You also make sure your salmon doesn’t have any tapeworms.  Lastly you should stay away from foods that have uses the words natural ingredients and other.  Who really knows what other really means.  I know for sure that I do not want to lose my appetite for dinner thinking about the word other.

I hope this post will help you understand why certain foods are unhealthy.  I also hope this post helps you to decide on better healthy eating and drinking habits.  Hopefully I did not ruin your appetite for dinner.  If I did i am sorry.  Was not my intent, I just wanted to help you figure out which foods you should avoid.

Did any of these foods shock you?  I know that the Lucky Charms surprised me that the marshmallows were covered in food dyed.  I don’t know why I didn’t know that, but at least I learn something new everyday right?  Please feel free to share this post with all of your friends, family, neighbors, extended family and to all of those companies that add all of these ingredients to our everyday food.  Tell them that it is not right and you find them not trustworthy to use these food additives.   If you get one of those companies to reply to you please share your story.


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