Why Organic Foods Are The Best For You?

Why Organic Foods Are The Best For You?

I have just recently starting eating organic foods.  I use to eat quite a bit of lunch meat. After doing a 90 day challenge in karate I learned that deli meat is bad for you.  They are processed meat that been filled with preservatives.  Lunch meat is high in sodium. They also have nitrates nitrites.  Some other deli meats might have so many different chemicals in them that you do not want to eat lunch meat anymore.  I was losing ideas for lunch until I discovered organic lunch meat.

They have no nitrates or nitrites.  Organic deli meat is 100% chicken, roast beef and ham. They have nothing else in them except what kind of meat it is.  Do you like Organic food? If so what kind of Organic food do you buy?  I want to know!!  Lastly stay away from non organic deli lunch meat because it has been proven by scientists that processed foods can lead to cancer.  So be careful what you buy.


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