What Makes Me Different From All Of The Other Personal Trainers Around The World

What Makes Me Different From All Of The Other Personal Trainers Around The World

I would like to share with everyone about who I am as a person.  In order for me to do that I will have to tell you about my background.  I have gone through some many obstacles in life that were challenging.  Sometimes in those struggling times I felt so alone.  I strongly believe that those obstacles that I had to overcome made me the person who I am today.  You won’t believe how many obstacles that I had to go through because no one should have to go through so many obstacles like I did when I was younger.  It is such a messed up story.  But that’s what makes life interesting.  If everyone was the same we would be all robots or clones.  How boring is that?  Anyway I hope you find my background interesting.  Enjoy this crazy ride about my life.

When I was younger I use to not be able to talk right away like all of the other babies did. I had to go through speech therapy to learn on how to talk.  One of my doctors when I was a baby told my Mom that I would never walk without braces on my legs.  Oh boy he was so wrong.  I have no braces on my legs, I walk perfectly fine.  However, my knees point inwards.  It is a struggle to do lunges and squats with my knees.  But I always manage some how to push through.

I was born with a bad neck issue.  It has some fancy name for it.  I do not know what is called.  My Mom would know what it is called.  But I do know that if my neck whiplash hard I could be paralyzed for the rest of my life.  I find it scary to know that my neck is that fragile.  I wish someone invented a 100% guarantee surgery to fix it.  What I mean about the 100% guarantee is that it will fix the problem and there is no after effects.

I was bullied for having a big head like Jimmy Neutron.  I got offended by that name. However, looking back on those times I should have said thank you to those bullies. Want to know why?  Well Jimmy Neutron was a boy genius.  I should have taken it as a complement.  I would be like “thanks you really mean that I am that smart?” They wouldn’t know what to do.  However I let them get the better of me.  I was overweight at the time.  I lost weight with P90X.  It is a 90 day workout program.  It helped me lose 30 pounds.  Losing the weight helped me take a stand against those bullies.

Another obstacle that I had overcome in life was having a deaf ear.  My right ear I couldn’t hear anything out of without a hearing aid.  I got made fun of in school with that hearing aide.  It made a whistling sound every time it was full of wax.  When the whistling went off in class, everyone turned around to look at me.  I was so embarrassed. So I decided to get an ear surgery that was a 100% guaranteed to work.  This was my 8th ear surgery to try to fix my hearing.  It actually worked.  I never regret the decision about getting  an 8th ear surgery.  One of my best decision I made in my life.  The only thing is now I can hear my Mom talking to me.  At least when I had my hearing aid I could tune her out by shutting it off lol.  But I love my Mom.  We just love to joke with each other.

I am also on the autistic spectrum.  I learn differently.  I like to learn by doing not by reading a textbook or listening to a lecture about a subject.  I find it sometimes frustrating to learn differently because most teachers in college will only teach one way and not teach at everyone different learning levels.  It still annoys me quite a bit that some teachers think that everyone learns at the same space.  News flash for you teachers.  Not everyone learns at the same pace!!

Even though I had to go through all of these obstacles to be where I am at today.  I would not change it if I had a chance to.  All of these challenges in my life makes me who I am. It is okay to be different.  At the time when I was experiencing these challenges I thought there was something wrong with me.  But now I am glad I am different.  Different is interesting.  Like I said if we were all the same we would be robots and clones.  We would eat the same way, dress the same way, walk and talk the same way.  I like think being different is like being on an adventure.  You never know where it will lead to.

I met with one of my Mom friends yesterday about this exciting opportunity for a job.  I haven’t been this pumped up in a while.  The last time I been this pumped up and excited was when I was going back to karate at the beginning of this year.  Anyhow my Mom friend said that I would be great at the job because I can offer personal training advice from a different perspective.  She said the coaches and fitness instructors do not have learning challenges like I do.  Even though I have a slight bit of autism I am still on the spectrum.  I thought it was a great idea for a job for me.  How many people do you know who is on the autism spectrum that can lift weights, have a funny personality and overcome quite of bit of obstacles in their life?  I going to guess not many.  So I am going to college to become a personal trainer because I like being in shape, I love working out, I like eating healthy.  Someone once told me I have been living my major.  Now I understand what they mean.

So there you have it, the wonderful crazy story about Jimmy Clare.  I told you that you would not believe on how many obstacles I had to overcome.  That was way to many right?  I hope no one ever has to experience all of the obstacles that I had to go through. Remember being different and having learning differences is not a bad thing.  I highly believe that everyone is unique and special in their own ways.  If you ever have a bully problem learn some good ways to ignore them.  If you can not ignore them just keep on annoying your principles until they do something about it.  I did that until I got a bullied expelled.

If you have any questions for me please feel free to contact me.  I promise I do not bite lol.  Feel free to share this post with everyone you know.  I hope my blog posts make a little bit of difference in your life.  A good difference I mean.  Lastly please feel free to leave comments for me.  I will respond.  I am not a robot I promise.  I am just a passionate blogger who has a lot of knowledge about fitness that wants to share it with everyone!!


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