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Hello MyPlate And Goodbye Myfitnesspal

So I have posted quite a bit about how much I like Myfitnesspal.  I thought it was the best food calorie tracker.  However I found a new calorie tracker app.  It is called MyPlate.  I don’t mean the MyPlate made and run by the government.  That one is completely useless.  There is so much I do not like about that site I am not going to even tell you that story.

What I love about this new app that I found they took Myfitnesspal interface and made it better.  The app has spacious room so it is not over crowded.  Everything that you put into the tracker it shows you how many calories you have left for the day.  right on the same screen.  That is one of the biggest downfall of Myfitnesspal.  In Myfitnesspal you have to go to another screen to find out how much protein, carbs and fats you have left for the day.  In Myplate everything is in one place.  Check this amazing app now!!  The makers of the app is a company called Livestrong.  You may have heard that name from Lance Armstrong Livestrong bands.  Another downfall about Myfitnesspal is that recording your food from a local restaurant is like pulling teeth.  I notice at some of my local restaurant that Myfitnesspal only has 1/4th of the menu when the restaurant could have 50+ food items on the menu.  Myplate also makes logging food easily by adding a little + button.  You can add water, (food: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).

Let me know what you think about this app.  Do you have a favorite calorie tracker app that you use?  If so please share it.  Do you find Myfitnesspal to have a messy interface? Do you like using Myfitnesspal?

If you like Myfitnesspal I suggest trying Myplate.  You don’t know what you are missing!! Here is the link to MyPlate.  MyPlate Download


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