Best Practices To Eliminate Bloating In The Stomach

Best Practices To Eliminate Bloating In The Stomach

Have you ever experienced huge bloating discomfort after eating a big meal?  I know I have.  After experience being bloated after a meal you do not feel like eating another meal.  If you feel bloated after dinner you cannot sleep because it is just painful.  So you decide to stay up late until it goes away.  However because you stayed up late you are cranky the next day and the same thing happens again and again.  You still feel bloated after every meal.  You start wondering “how can I get rid of this bloat?”  Luckily I have found some great ways to eliminate bloating.

  • Cut down on your sodium intake.  The best way to do this is simply by using a calorie tracker like Myplate.  Again I do not mean the Myplate made by the Government.  That is just a sick joke for a website.  Completely gross and hard to navigate.  I am getting off topic here sorry.  It happens.  Anyway let me give you an example of how Myplate has helped me with cutting down sodium.  Last night I went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant.  I was thinking about having their eggplant rollatini.  I had their rollatini there before.  I decided to see how many calories it was for two pieces that they give you.  It was 780 calories not bad.  I went down a little further to the sodium content.  It was over 1,000 calories just in sodium.  I decided against ordering the rollatini.  So I ordered a coprese salad.  It had tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese.  Myplate Calorie Tracker


  • Another good way to eliminate bloating is by drinking water throughout the day.  I love having my water bottle near me all day.  The water stays cold for over 24 hours.  It holds 32 oz of water.  Check out Hydro Flask website if you want a great water bottle for an affordable price.  I believe that I have a picture of my water bottle on Instagram.  Ah ha here it is.  My Hydro Flask  Here is a link for Hydro Flask website.  Check them out if you have a chance and if you are in need of a water bottle.  Hydro Flask Website


  • Another method to reduce bloating is by checking all of the food labels in the store to make sure you are not buying high sodium food.  Remember that picture of bread I posted on Instagram?  If not here it is again to refresh your memory.  Unhealthy Bread See how much sodium is in one slice?  A whopping 200mg of sodium per slice.  That is totally insane for bread.  Not worthy of eating.


  • In case the other two methods do not work.  I saved the best for last.  Do not panic because this one is a life saver when you are feeling so bloated.  This my secret backup plan.  I have talked about essential oils on my blog before.  I have provided the link to their website many times I believe.  So I am going to do it again. YoungLiving Essential Oils There is a mixed of oils that you put in a roller ball that helps eliminate bloating.  It helps me when I need to get rid of the bloating fast. Sometimes the pain that comes with bloating is too much to bare so I rub the roller on my stomach and it helps me release the bloating.  Here is the recipe to making the roller blend for a bloating stomach.

Bloating Recipe 

  1. 6 drops carrier oil
  2. 1 drop ginger
  3. 1 drop fennel
  4. 1 drop lemongrass
  5. 1 drop peppermint

For more Essential Oils recipes download this awesome app called The EO Bar.  Here is the link to the app.  The EO Bar.

I hope you find these tips helpful to relieve your bloating stomach.  If you have some time stop by my Facebook page.  It has some new features.  Please let me know what you think.  Supernerdfitness Facebook Page


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