How Do I Handle My Days Off From Working Out?

How Do I Handle My Days Off From Working Out?

Even though I workout 6 days a week.  I am still need a day off.  It’s not like I am a robot that can workout 7 days a week.  No one should workout 7 days a week.  Trust me I have tried it.  I did not like it.  It was hard and after a while I was getting bored. 

So back to the question “how do I handle my days off from working out?” I tend to wake up at the same time.  7am or 7:30am. I still eat healthy.  I usually handle my days off like any other day.  Only difference is that I am not exercising.  

I know there are some people who can’t sit still doing nothing so that’s why they workout.  If you have a feeling like you are going to lose your progress if you take one day off out of the week, trust me you are not.  So take a break and read a good book, watch some TV, cross some stuff off from your to do list.  Just don’t workout on your rest day.  Rest day is crucial.  Rest helps your muscles rebuild and grow.  Without a rest day you will be bored from your workout and you be prone to injury.  

I used to think that.  It was unhealthy. Everyone needs a rest day from working​out.  I use to be sick for a few weeks straight.  I thought my muscles would disapeer.  Well it turns out it didn’t disapeer.  I think I would have to completely stop working out for my muscles to disapeer.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon or ever happening.  

What do you do with you rest day?  I tend to read books, find content for my blog, hangout with friends and family, I also enjoy playing some video games.  Nice an relaxed for my rest day from working out. I usually take my rest days on Sunday because it is considered the day of rest.  I am not sure if that true or not, but it works for me.  When do you take your rest days? 

Remember take those rest days.  Your muscles will thank you.  Now go workout and have fun with it!! 


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