How To Balance While You Are Doing Squats?

How To Balance While You Are Doing Squats?

I learned a great way to do squats from my karate instructor.  I always wonder if I was doing squats the correct way.  Like always something or someone proves me wrong.  Of course I was doing my squats wrong.  Can I get anything right for once? Guess not lol.

My karate instructor told me the proper way to do squats is with your hands out straight in front of you for balance.  While you have your hands out for balance curl your toes back while both of your hands still in front of your body and start squatting.

Did you know this is the right way on how to do squats?  I didn’t until my karate instructor told me.  Do you like to do squats?  I use to despise squats until I got better at doing them the right way.  I sometimes still lose balance while I do squats because of my knee issue but other than that I have improved my squatting skills.

Do you know any other good methods for keeping balance while you squat?  If so please feel free to leave your methods in the comments below.  I am always looking for better ways.  I hope you find this post helpful.


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