How Much Is Too Much Protein?

How Much Is Too Much Protein?

I hear this question a lot from people.  How much protein is too much?  The answer to that question is simple.  It depends on your physical activity level.  For an example my protein needs might be higher than others because I am very physically active with karate and working out.  According to Myplate I can have 196g of protein per day. Lets say someone who is older and is in a nursing home and is in a wheelchair, they do not need a lot of protein like me.

Everyone’s protein needs are different.  The best way to see if you are meeting your protein needs is by using a calorie counter like Myfitnesspal or Myplate.  I am a big fan of Myplate as you can tell from other posts.  Just my opinion.  But be careful with how much protein you take in because having too much protein can cause kidney stones and other digestive problems in the future.   You need to have a balance of protein, fruits, vegetables, dairy and carbohydrates.


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