How To Eat Healthy At A Party?

How To Eat Healthy At A Party?

Have you ever been to a party and they are serving food that you don’t normally eat and you don’t know what you should do?  Well I have to be honest with you that has happen to me quite a bit.  I have noticed at every party that I go to, I can always find something I can eat that is healthy.

Most of the parties I been to have appetizers that tend to be quite unhealthy.  Some parties have crackers, bread, dips, ect.  I suggest to stick with vegetables with some kind of dip like humus.  Just do not double dip on the dip because most dips are very unhealthy for you.  Also set a limit to how many vegetables you ate so let’s say a serving size of carrots is 8 sticks.  After those 8 sticks are gone from your plate move on and do not come back to the dip.

After the appetizers comes the meal.  Some parties I been to have potato salad, coleslaw, more bread, mixed salad, mashed potatoes and some kind of fatty meat.  I would suggest to stay away from the coleslaw because even though it sounds healthy, people tend to put a lot of mayo in them and same thing goes with the potato salad.  If the hosts of the party made a mixed salad fill up most of your plate with salad.  When you get to the meat try to get a small to medium size piece of meat.  If there is a lot of fat on the meat cut it off. No one will make fun of you.  If they do they are not supportive of your dieting goals and you should remove them from your social life.  Stay away from the bread because people tend to overeat on baked bread.  Some people like bread and butter or bread and olive oil.  Don’t be fooled both ways are still unhealthy.  Most people I know like mashed potatoes.  If they are not mashed sweet potatoes without butter then move on.  My dad makes homemade mashed potatoes for easter or thanksgiving, he puts in about 4 sticks of butter in his mashed potatoes and heavy cream.  Not healthy.

Lastly comes the dessert.  Most people can’t handle not having dessert in their lives. Trust me you will not die if you do not have dessert.  You don’t need it.  But if you simply can’t resist dessert like me, then ask for a very very small piece.  Enough that you can get a taste or just take a taste from someone else’s plate that you know.  But limit to only on fork or spoonful.  Then push yourself away from the plate and get up and go somewhere else at the party.  I suggest not the kitchen because that’s where the dessert is usually served from.

During the meal your plate should include carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables.  If you have those five food categories on your plate then you are eating a healthy balanced diet.  Most people like my dad eats just carbohydrates and meat.  They also think corn is healthy vegetable which is false.  Corn is just a starchy vegetable that should be eaten in moderation.

So let’s reflect back real quick.  Stay away from unhealthy foods like potato salad, coleslaw and mashed potatoes.  Coleslaw is made with too much mayo, same goes for the potato salad.  Mashed potatoes can be made with a lot of butter and with heavy cream. Stay away from bread and butter and bread with olive oil.  Both ways are unhealthy.  Cut away from the fatty parts off the meat.  If you feel like you’re wasting food by throwing it away in the trash, give it to the dog.  They will be your friend forever.  Lastly if you are craving for dessert and you can’t resist like I can, then ask the host of the party to cut you a very very small piece just to get a taste of the dessert or ask a friend to have a small bite.  But limit to one forkful or spoonful of it.  Then move away.  You can live without dessert, trust me if I can do it so can you!!

I hope these tips will help you the next time that you are at a party.  Please share these tips with all of your friends and family who are trying to eat more healthy.  Just a reminder I have my own personal twitter account that you can actually follow me to know what I been up to during my day.  My twitter account name is @JbcClare.  Come out and follow me.  As always feedback is always welcome so please feel free to contact me and let me know how I am doing.  Again I hope these tips will be helpful to you.  If you have anything to add please leave your comments below.


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