Avoid Weight Machines

Avoid Weight Machines

After researching if chest machines are effective like dumbbells and barbels for chest exercises, the answer is no.  I was shocked when I found that out because I use to do so many chest machines when I first started to workout.  Apparently  all those times at the gym doing those chest machines were a waste of time.

The reason why chest machines are not effective like dumbbells and barbels is because they don’t let you have full range in motion.  For an example using dumbbells for bench pressing, you need to have great control on the way up and on the way down or you have sloppy form.  With those chest machines for bench pressing or any kind of weight machine, research has shown that people feel more in their arms while using weight machines.  Weight machines also target only one side of the body.  If your right side of your body is stronger than your left or vice versa, then you are losing out on having equal strength on both sides.

So stay away from those weight machines because you will not the results that you are hoping for if you keep using those weight machines.


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