Having A Lot Of Stress Can Cause You To Gain Weight, Tips For Relieving Stress

Having A Lot Of Stress Can Cause You To Gain Weight

Yesterday coming home from the store, I heard some health news on the radio.  They say if people who have a lot of stress in their lives at work or home and in their social lives having a lot of stress build up can make you gain weight.

Lets face it stress gets in the way of our lives at bad times.  Stress just sneaks up on you without you even noticing right away.  However instead of letting the stress take over we need ways to fight stress to keep ourselves healthy.  Luckily I have a few helpful tips that may help you reduce stress in your life.  As always if you have different methods of relieving stress please feel free to share them with us.

  • Read a book:  When is the last time that you read a great book?  I just finished reading a great book last week.  Reading helps relax your mind and helps you get sucked into a great story to help you forget your daily stress.
  • Essential  Oils:  They have a stress relieving oil roller that helps relieve stress.  It works like a charm everytime.  More information about Essential Oils find out from their website.  YoungLiving Essential Oils
  • Start Karate classes.  I enjoy punching the punching bag at karate.  I take out all of my frustrations and anger on the bag.  If you get a karate instructor like mine he will blast music in the background to keep us motivated.

I hope some of these tips are helpful.  Stay tuned for more stress relieving tips in the future.  I always find something new that helps me relieve stress.  Anyway peace out and keep that stress away.  Make that workout really count today and push through if you have a lot of stress from your job, home or your social life.  Keep pushing through your week and enjoy everyday!!


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