Having An Off Day

Having An Off Day

Have you ever had an off day?  This time I don’t mean a day off.  By an off day I mean that nothing has gone right.  Does that sound like something that you experienced?  If answer yes than you know how I am feeling.

Having an off day really blows.  I am struggling with my routine.  I was supposed to vacuum and dust around my room today.  Did I do it?  The answer is no. I was also supposed to clean my essential oil diffuser today.  Again did I do it?  The answer is still no.

Want to know what caused my off day? Well let me tell you.  It started at 2 AM this morning.  I was sound asleep until I heard this screaming noise.  I was thinking to myself “I am just going to fall back asleep, perhaps it’s a bird or a hurt animal.” However the noise did not go away, so I got out of bed and went to open up my blinds.  I peered outside I couldn’t see anything I had my baseball bat at the ready in case someone was breaking in.

While I was peering outside I saw my neighbor across the street with their lights on.  I was thinking “oh no.” The reason why I said”oh no,” because my neighbor across the street has a daughter that punched, bit, kicked and slapped me when I was younger.  Don’t get me wrong I am older than her, but when she didn’t get her way or you tell her to stop doing something she will throw a fit.

Have you ever experienced someone like that?  I would never let my kids act like that.  I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible.  Later in the day it just got worse.  I had to spend quite a bit of money on a new tablet for school.  Don’t get me wrong I am looking forward to using it, but when your bank like mine charges a dollar fee for taking out money then you may feel angry like I do.

So when I get home from the shore after next week I am going to rip my money out of the bank and into a new one.  Has banks lost their minds to charge a dollar fee?  I thought they were supposed to save you money, not ding you with annoying fees.

I have to admit that I did not handle my off day very well, I was very angry.  Scratch that last part I am still very angry.  So I am going to open up a new segment on my blog that will help you and me deal with these types of days in a better way.  Trust me being angry all the time really drain everything out of you.

How do you deal with having an off day?  I hope you handle it better than me.  If you have any stories to tell about off days please feel free to share them.  I promise no one is here to judge you.  We just need a way to help us relieve our anger faster so it doesn’t ruin our days like it did for me. Stay tuned for more information about the segment.

One last thing sorry for the venting post today about my off day.  But keeping anger inside of you is even worse for your health. That’s why there are shrinks to help people relieve anger.


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