My Trick To Motivate Myself To Workout

My Trick To Motivate Myself

I been thinking about this quite a bit.  What keeps me motivated to keep working out. After a few back and forth conversations with my brain I finally figured out an answer to this question.  Just a FYI I am not crazy for having a conversation with my brain.  Until I start answering myself I am not crazy.

So back to the answer.  The answer is quite simple but it just took me quite a while to figure out the answer.  My trick that keeps me motivated is when people notice how good I look and my will power when I do not eat certain foods.  It might sound silly to you, but when people, family and friends see me they notice I have built more muscle or more defined than the last time they saw me.

The reason why it keeps me motivated to keep eating healthy and working out because I feel like I am their motivation to have the kind of self-discipline and determination like I do.  Not to sound too modest.  I just feel like I am setting a good example for my parents, family and friends to eat healthy and workout.

I also feel like if I stop working out and eating healthy, I would let myself down and my family and friends.  The last thing that helps motivate me is being alive for a very long time.   You only get to be alive once and then you die and go to heaven.  Don’t you want to have a great long fulfilling life or eat all of the junk food in the world and be overweight with high blood pressure, diabetes, risk of stroke and other health issues?  I choose to eat healthy so I can live a long fulfilling life to help inspire people to workout.



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