Day 1 Of P90X

Today I started P90X where my fitness journey first began.  It Was was fun!!  I am doing P90X again because I want to see how fit I really am.  I modify quite a bit  the first time around doing P90X, however today I saw some really great results just on the first day.

Round One:

Standard push ups: 35

wide front pull ups round one 23 with 25 pound bands

Military Pushups: 24

Reverse Grip Chinups 21 with 25 pound bands

Wide fly pushups: 30

close grip overhand chinups 20

Heavy Pants 25 with 20 pound bands

Diamond Pushups 23

Lawnmowers L:12 R: 12 with 20 pound bands

Dive Bombers 20


Round Two

Standard pushups  33

Wide front pull ups  20,25

Military pushups  Round two 25

Reverse grip chin ups  25, 25

Wide fly pushups round one 30 20

Close grip overhead pull ups 20 15

Decline pushups  20

Heavy pants  20,25

Diamond pushups  21

Lawn mowers  12, 12, 20

Dive bombers  12


I forgot how long P90X is but I am going to keep pushing through.  Will you be joining me anytime soon?  It will be lots of fun, you don’t know what you are missing.


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