Blog Update

You all have been waiting for my big announcement.  I like to think I have out did myself yet again to take this blog and kick it up another notch.  So Thanks for your patients.  The big news is, you can now follow me on instagram.  Yes I know I deleted my blog instagram, however now you can follow me, the founder of this blog.  If you are into that kind of stuff.  You can even follow me on Goodreads.

Can’t decide what book to read pop over on Goodreads to see what I am reading.  I know I know, I am back on pinterest again with my blog.  Why did I delete it before?  I have no clue to be honest lol.  Happens with my crazy mind.  Oh one more thing I forgot to mention.  As you can see on the bottom of this blog has all of my widgets.  I took out the location widget and moved some of the widgets to make it more organized than before. I have to admit it was kind of crowded in that space.  Now it seems to look better.  I hope you agree with me on that one.

Let me know what you think of these new updates for my blog.  Like I always say I appreciate feedback.  Hope to be hearing from you soon!!


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