Day 4 Of P90X

Today I had to do yoga for my workout.  It was an 1 hour and 35 minutes total.  I did only 35 minutes of the yoga routine because it was too long.  Since I am going to karate twice a week soon to be three times  week, I stretch after each class so I do not need a whole 1 hour and 35 min yoga stretch on top of that.

Now don’t get me wrong stretching is super important, so don’t you skip out on doing yoga just because I am not doing the whole routine.  However if you are going to karate three times a week and they have you stretching after each class, then you do not need a huge long yoga stretch.

What I like about this yoga  routine is that it helped me loosen up my tight muscles like my neck.  It feels awesome to do yoga if you have a bad neck issue like me.  My legs feel like rubber from stretching now.

How often do you do yoga?  Do you find it relaxing?  Do you cut yoga short?   If so don’t unless you are like me being stretched out three times a week.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s workout update on my P90X adventure!!  86 more days to go!!  Let’s bring it!! “Tony Horton”


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