Day 11 Of P90X

Today is yoga for P90X.  I am skipping it because of my neck issue.  I have mentioned that quite a bit in a few posts.  

Let me try to explain to you what is wrong with my neck.  I have a very tight spine. The discs around the spine make it tight. What happenens when you do yoga?  You get loosen up.  In my case it’s good and bad.  I can loosen up my legs, but if I loosen up too much that involves my spine, I could be paralyzed for the rest of my life.  

Now you might be wondering how on Earth can I do karate?  Well good question. I am allowed to do karate because I can learn to block punches from ever hitting me in the head.  So it’s safe.  

I hope that clears up my neck issue.  If there was a 100% guarantee sugery that can fix my neck issue without any problems, I probably would consider doing it.  

Every time in karate when we stretch our necks, I always go slow so I don’t get whip lash.  Other people in my class sort of rush it.  

How are you doing with your workouts?  I hope you are making great progress!!


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