Finished Day 15 Of P90X

So today was supposed to be chest and back for week three, however I changed it around and did Cardio X.  The reason I switched the schedule for the 3rd week is because I need to get home to my other house early today.  

I didn’t skip the train exercise today.  Instead of putting my hands behind my neck and touching my elbows to my knees I put my hands on the side of my head.  So I am not pulling on my neck.  Good way to modify when you need to right?

Remember modifying doesn’t mean to not do an exercise, it means to find a way to do the exercise without hurting yourself.  However unless there is an exercise that there is physically no way to modify then you can skip it.  For me I skip over head triceps so I don’t hurt my neck.  Because the weights or bands is behind my head if I do it.  

What was your workout today? If you haven’t done it today what kind of workout will you do?


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