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Five Positives To Take Away From The Week

Another Friday is here so that means we need to take a look back at our week for the positives in our lives.

  • I am so excited to see my whole extended family.
  • I got got a good summer job and I can make my own hours with it.
  • My friend said I am going to be the 5th groom man in his wedding next year.
  • I am almost done planning my college schedule for the fall.
  • I got to see some of my friends for lunch on Tuesday.

What are your positives from the week?

How To Determine When To Take A Rest Day?

How To Determine When To Take A Rest Day?

When it comes to rest day’s I can’t stress it enough that it is important to take at least one rest day per week.  I like to take a rest day on the 7th day of the week.  However that’s not always the case.    Last week I participated in Shaun Week which was fun but it’s now Thursday June 22nd and still haven’t taken a day off yet from working out.  So I am taking two days off this week.

Why am I taking two days off ?  One reason is because I am traveling tomorrow to my family reunion.  Second reason is I still need to travel back from my family reunion on Sunday.  Third and final reason is because I have karate on Monday night which I want to be well rested for.  Shaun Week kicked my butt and I need a rest.  If you did Shaun Week I suggest you do the same if you did not take a day off yet.

Like I said before in another post of mine, having a rest day helps repair your muscles to build more muscles.  If you keep working out everyday you will never get the physique you are hoping for because you are not resting your muscles.  You are just tearing the same ones over and over again.  Sorry that I am repeating myself, but like I said at the beginning of this post I can’t stress it enough.

When should you take a day off from working out?  Decide which day that you want to dedicate a day from not working out.  Perhaps maybe Sunday?   Sunday is considered the day of rest anyway right?  I let you decide though.  Another great way to tell when you need a rest day is when your brain starts telling you that it needs a rest day.  I know mine is.

But if you are anything like me who did Shaun Week and still did not get a day off from working out and goes to karate two to three times a week, than you deserve two days off. But that’s only if you are anything like me.  If you are not like me who can workout without a rest day once in awhile, than you only get one rest day.  Sorry rules are rules.

I hope you find this post helpful to you when to determine rest days.  Please feel free to share it with everyone you know!!

Having A Lot Of Stress Can Cause You To Gain Weight, Tips For Relieving Stress

Having A Lot Of Stress Can Cause You To Gain Weight

Yesterday coming home from the store, I heard some health news on the radio.  They say if people who have a lot of stress in their lives at work or home and in their social lives having a lot of stress build up can make you gain weight.

Lets face it stress gets in the way of our lives at bad times.  Stress just sneaks up on you without you even noticing right away.  However instead of letting the stress take over we need ways to fight stress to keep ourselves healthy.  Luckily I have a few helpful tips that may help you reduce stress in your life.  As always if you have different methods of relieving stress please feel free to share them with us.

  • Read a book:  When is the last time that you read a great book?  I just finished reading a great book last week.  Reading helps relax your mind and helps you get sucked into a great story to help you forget your daily stress.
  • Essential  Oils:  They have a stress relieving oil roller that helps relieve stress.  It works like a charm everytime.  More information about Essential Oils find out from their website.  YoungLiving Essential Oils
  • Start Karate classes.  I enjoy punching the punching bag at karate.  I take out all of my frustrations and anger on the bag.  If you get a karate instructor like mine he will blast music in the background to keep us motivated.

I hope some of these tips are helpful.  Stay tuned for more stress relieving tips in the future.  I always find something new that helps me relieve stress.  Anyway peace out and keep that stress away.  Make that workout really count today and push through if you have a lot of stress from your job, home or your social life.  Keep pushing through your week and enjoy everyday!!

Avoid Weight Machines

Avoid Weight Machines

After researching if chest machines are effective like dumbbells and barbels for chest exercises, the answer is no.  I was shocked when I found that out because I use to do so many chest machines when I first started to workout.  Apparently  all those times at the gym doing those chest machines were a waste of time.

The reason why chest machines are not effective like dumbbells and barbels is because they don’t let you have full range in motion.  For an example using dumbbells for bench pressing, you need to have great control on the way up and on the way down or you have sloppy form.  With those chest machines for bench pressing or any kind of weight machine, research has shown that people feel more in their arms while using weight machines.  Weight machines also target only one side of the body.  If your right side of your body is stronger than your left or vice versa, then you are losing out on having equal strength on both sides.

So stay away from those weight machines because you will not the results that you are hoping for if you keep using those weight machines.

Shaun Week

Shaun Week

As you know I have completed Shaun week.  For those who don’t know what Shaun Week is let me tell you a little bit about it.  Shaun week is a 7 day workout challenge that created by Beachbody and it’s available on Beachbody on Demand.  Shaun week is done in one week.  The name of the fitness instructor is Shaun T.  He is also the fitness instructor who does Insanity.

Shaun Week includes cardio, weight lifting and a lot of core exercises.  I have to admit that I struggled during some of the workouts but I am glad that I did it.  It was a very fun week of working out.  I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I am looking forward to doing more Shaun T workouts in the near future for sure.  Shaun T is a great motivator, however I think he needs a new cameraman.  The cameraman did not do a very good job at keeping the modifier in the picture, unless Shaun T goes over to the modifier and knowledge him/her.  Overall Shaun Week helped me tighten my core even more than before.

Before I do any more workouts I think I need a day off.  However there will be no day off today because I have karate tonight, which I need a lot of energy for that.  Anyway I am about to drive back to my other house after a long weekend at the shore house.  Time to get back to the old grind.

Did you participate in Shaun Week?  If so did you struggle with it, yes or no? If you are interested about this workout program and how to get started please feel free to reach out to me.  I will always answer any comments, emails, tweets or facebook message.  Have a great day and keep pushing through your workouts!!!


Breaking News: Supernerfitness Is Expanding On The Internet!!!

Breaking News: Supernerdfitness is expanding on the internet!!! We just added three more platforms where you can connect with us on the internet.  We added Pinterest, Weebly and Blogger!!  Don’t think for a second that we are finished expanding.  Little by little, step by step we will keep expanding.  Stay tuned for some more expansions in the near future!!  I hope you enjoy the new ways you can connect with us!!